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Physical Therapy Connect is for clinicians and prospective physical therapists who need a simple way to stay in tune with the profession. 

PTC offers visitors a wealth of PT related information focused on building your career and even growing a business in the physical therapy industry.

Unlike other therapy websites, PT Connect offers a wide range of PT resource information.

In addition we are offering helpful articles for business owners looking to grow and expand their physical therapy businesses through website and mobile app development, social media engagement and efficient online marketing strategies.

Bringing your business online is key to your future growth and expansion.

Our goal is to help your business grow with modern marketing techniques.  Knocking on the doors at local physician offices only gets so many referrals.

Your strategy should focus on retaining those patients and finding a variety of different ways you can position your business to continue to help those patients, long after they graduate from your services.


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When it comes to treating your patients, likely you are a rock star! However, when it comes to ongoing marketing efforts for your clinic and leveraging your website and the internet, you may seem a bit out of your element.

Web design, content creation, and search engine optimization are not taught in PT school. Neither is how to set up an effective pay per click or FaceBook ad campaign.

If you have a question or frustration please share your story below.

For more great business related and marketing articles check out our Practice Management resources

If you are currently practicing and considering taking the leap into practice ownership stay tuned for more great articles and interviews with experts!

Whether you're a clinician, student, or thinking about a career in PT, we have a place for you to connect.

We have a few great resources below for you to get stated with!  Have a look around and if you have any questions feel free to ask and we will get back with you shortly!

Great Resources for the Clinician or Student!

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Which group are you in?

No matter which group you fall into (or if you are just curious about PT) you will benefit from the chance to connect with others.  The networking opportunities are endless!

As therapists in a changing world, access to helpful information and the ability to contact and communicate with others in our field is important to staying up to date and in tune with our practice.  Many professionals these days are also venturing out into private practice or PT related businesses, take advantage of our resources for business owners to guide you on your journey!

PT Connect is the place to be for the modern therapist.  Our mission is to keep YOU connected to the world of PT.

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Whether you own a private practice or are on staff, foundations in business and marketing do help with understanding the patient referral process.  Skills and lessons often not taught in school despite the increasing trend of private practice owners.

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