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Physical therapy continuing education is very important to advance therapist knowledge and skill sets.  With the help of the internet, you can find many options of course study at your fingertips.

Below we have compiled a continuing education resource complete with helpful articles for course selection and directory of courses.

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Why Is Continuing Education Important?

As health care professionals, we have a responsibility to our patients and ourselves to refine and improve our clinical skills.  As we all know, health care is a field that is always changing and updating with new information.

By taking part in continuing education courses, therapists can progress current skills or learn new ones.  Courses also allow therapists to gain expertise in specific areas of treatment.

How to Choose Your Next Course

Thinking about your next continuing education course but not sure how to choose the right one?  Here are a few things to consider to help you decide.

1. General Area of Interest
Do you have a particular clinical area of interest or employment?  Determining a general practice area is a great way to begin your course search.</p>

Let's say you work in an outpatient clinic and see a variety of patient diagnoses.  You can search for courses appropriate for outpatient therapists to see more specific course topics.

This can lead you to a topic you may not have otherwise thought of, or if you know of a specific topic you can begin with a more specific search.

2. Location
The location of a course is another determining factor when searching your physical therapy continuing education opportunities.

Though there are numerous wonderful courses out there, it is not always feasible to travel across the country to attend a course, especially when you have to foot the bill.

However, with the technology available today you will find many more educational courses offered online or as home study kits.  This type of physical therapy continuing education is great for those with limitations for travel.

3. Cost
Not all continuing education courses are created equal.  Therefore, you will find a wide range of dollar amounts when searching among courses.

Some employers only allow you so much money per year to put towards a course, unless your participation in the course will pay for itself in the long run through new referrals.

Remember that the cost to attend the course is only a fraction of your entire bill.  You may also have hotel and food expenses if you travel, and may miss some time at work.

Use these tips to kick off your search for your next education opportunity.

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