Physical Therapy Interview Questions
And Tips For A Great First Impression

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Physical therapy interview questions vary from one institution to another.

It is difficult to assume which specific questions you can expect during your interview.

There are some interview questions that are pretty typical of many interview situations including both school and later job interviews.

Learning best practices to approach some of these questions can help improve your confidence during the interview process.

Here are some common, yet thought provoking questions you may be asked during a physical therapy school interview:

  1. What can you tell me about yourself?
  2. Why are you interested in physical therapy?
  3. What is your biggest strength/weakness and why?
  4. Why should we accept you?

At first glance they may seem like easy question.  So how would you answer them?

Even better, how would you answer them different than 100 other applicants competing for the same program?

Not so easy now, right?

Before you panic please stick around for some helpful hints on how to work through some of these questions and the interview process.

PT Interview Tips

1. Practice Ever heard the phrase "practice makes perfect"?

It definitely rings true in the case of your physical therapy school interviews. Even with previous job interview experience, you may need to put in some preparation effort.

For a great opportunity to practice, make an appointment at your university's career center. Many offer practice interviews with a career counselor and some will even videotape your interview.

The counselor can run through a typical interview with you and later critique your strengths and weaknesses, right down to the handshake.

If the interview was captured on video, you then have an opportunity to watch yourself in action. The video doesn't lie and you may be surprised by your performance.

The skills you gain from a practice interview can also prove useful for future job interviews.

2. Prepare Questions of your Own

Have a question or two of your own prepared for your interview. It shows you are equally as interested in the school as they are in you. Depending on the question it may show that you have done your research on the particular university.

Having your own questions may also help you stand out in a pool of applicants.

3. Provide Specific Examples

Many physical therapy interview questions will require specific examples taken from your life experiences. If you take part in a practice interview the counselor may be able to help brainstorm some valuable examples.

These specific examples help to give the interviewer an insight into some of the personal, academic, or employment experiences you possess.

4. Appearance and Handshake

How you present yourself for an interview is also of high importance. Your overall appearance will contribute to the first impression you leave with your interviewer(s).

Be sure to dress in a manner appropriate for an interview meaning dress pants/slacks, clean shoes, and a nice shirt.

A simple handshake can also tell a lot about you. A nice firm handshake exudes self confidence while a weak one may leave the opposite impression.

5. Articulate Answers Anytime you open your mouth to answer an interview question you want to be as articulate as possible, despite the feelings of nervousness and anxiety. Refrain from the "um's" and other repetitive words that you may have a tendency to interject when speaking. Clear and concise answers are recommended for any interview situation.

More Sample Physical Therapy Interview Questions

Here are several more sample question example that may be asked at your next interview.

It may be a good idea to figure out how you might go about answering them.

Each interview situation is different and the questions you are actually asked may require a complex answers.

Not only will you have to answer a particular question, you may have to provide specific examples or scenarios.

  • 1. Why do you want to be a physical therapist?
  • 2. What type of learner are you?
  • 3. What are your plans if you are not accepted into the program?
  • 4. How do you handle conflict, give a specific example and describe the conflict and how it was handled?
  • 5. Give an example in which you took a leadership role

Tackling the Physical Therapy Interview

Are you applying to physical therapy school in the near future?

The interview portion of your application process is crucial to your acceptance into the program.

Competition for physical therapy school admission is ever increasing and applicant must be more prepared than ever to make a strong impression during their interview.

Most students stress about the questions given to them during the interview and many have no experience with a professional interview process.

Tackling the Physical therapy Interview is a new e-book from Physical Therapy Connect that walks you through the interview process.

The book goes into detail on how to answer the specific questions asked at the top of this page plus help answering other questions.

Walk in to your interview confident and prepared to make a lasting first impression!

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