Undergraduate Programs In Physical Therapy, Which Are Recommended?

undergraduate programs in physical therapy

Undergraduate programs in physical therapy, with the exception of those geared toward physical therapy assistant study, are no longer offered.

With the transition of study shifting towards a graduate level degree, undergraduate programs have been phased out.

However, physical therapy assistant programs are only 2-4 years in length.

Why have these degree options been phased out? With the ever increasing advancements in research and health care, an ever increasing amount of education and training is needed to better prepare students to meet professional and patient needs.

So what undergraduate programs for physical therapy are recommended? Well you can be admitted into a physical therapy program with just about any undergraduate degree, as long as you have completed the pre-requisite course work and meet the minimum GPA requirements.

Need help choosing an undergraduate program?

Three Tips to Selecting Undergraduate Programs in physical therapy

In physical therapy there are some undergraduate programs that make the transition into a graduate program easier than others.

Here are a few tips to get you on the path to selecting an undergraduate program for physical therapy.

1. Choose Based on Your Interests

If you are considering a career in physical therapy odds are you have some background interest in studying science. Most universities offer some variety of science majors for students to choose from.

Our recommendation is to opt for a major that will help gear you toward your ultimate course of study in physical therapy and is interesting to you.

2. Meet with a Counselor

Either before or shortly after beginning an undergraduate course of study, we highly recommend meeting with a college guidance counselor to assist you in declaring a major.

Counselors are a great resource and have many resources to offer students to help prepare them for a career in many fields of study.

You may even find some extra help by arranging a meeting with a faculty member of a physical therapy program you are considering applying to. It is a great way to make contact with that school and find out what they really look for in applicants.

3. Research Your PT Schools

The sooner you begin researching physical therapy schools the better. Early research will help you determine the best undergraduate programs in physical therapy. If you can come up with some sort of plan now, it will help to save on a lot more confusion later.

Sample Undergraduate Degrees

Though any undergraduate degree is generally accepted prior to PT program admission, there are some that set you up to meet pre-requisite courses that most universities want completed before you apply.

Here are some undergraduate degrees from which you can find similar or comparable degrees at a university near you.

  • Athletic Training
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Health Sciences

This is only a small sampling of programs. Each university will have programs set up to help you ultimately meet requirements for your physical therapy degree.

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